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Widgelli Rail Hub

More than just a rail hub – it’s a new
approach to logistics for regional Australia.


Widgelli Rail Hub will not only be a rail siding for loading trains. It will have a business park component for high quality warehousing and value adding industries. It will focus on clean industries and will not house bulk commodities that can generate dust and odours.

It will also offer a rail freight short line service known as Regional Connect. This concept is new to Australia but has been behind the revival of rail freight in the US. Short lines “hub” freight to the main lines where passing rail freight services collect the wagons for on-delivery to their destinations.

As Griffith is on two spur lines that join the main line at Junee and Cootamundra, it means that freight can be collected at Widgelli and other locations along the spur lines and hubbed to either Junee or Cootamundra or other pick up points. This opens up options for more frequent services to a range of destinations both north and south.

Widgelli Rail Hub will be the home of Regional Connect. It will be the first truly regional rail service offered in Australia. A Business Park of seventy hectares, situated adjacent the rail hub is available for a variety of uses.

The Widgelli Business Park provides opportunities for businesses to set up warehousing and manufacturing facilities to allow for a fully integrated operation with ready access to the container handling and rail transport facilities. Pre-lease design & construct packages are available immediately along with innovative “third party” packaging and logistics solutions.

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The Widgelli Rail Hub and Business Park is a joint initiative of two family businesses.


Colin Rees Group

reachColin Rees Group (CRG) has a history stretching back over 60 years and 3 generations. As owners and operators of the Ettamogah Rail Hub as well as a number of other transport related businesses, Colin Rees and his daughter Kellie have a reputation for innovation and customer service. They have a proven track record in rail, having built or operated five rail hubs.



Amberley Group

AmberleyAmberley Group is owned by the Morshead family. They are fourth generation Griffith farmers they have broad acre interest in and around Widgelli and own the land on which the Widgelli Rail Hub and Business Park will be located.

Their family have formed a joint initiative with Colin Rees Group to develop the hub and business park, and see this as a diversification that can offer huge benefits to businesses in the Griffith region.

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